About Us

EFX Media is Washington DC's leading producer of award-winning visual communications that matter. We help companies and organizations achieve business results by creating compelling video that inspires, educates and promotes.

Trusted Partners

When our clients refer us to as a "Partner," we've received the highest honor possible in a client/vendor relationship. Our goal with all clients, large and small, is to earn their complete trust and become an indispensable extension of their internal team.

Responsive Service

One of the most important traits of our company is our responsiveness - it is ingrained in our DNA. We pride ourselves in providing reliable and responsive service at all times. Our clients value immediate access to our team, information, and resources.

Fail-Safe Delivery

Since 1983, our team has been in the trenches every day producing creative and smart video content. Along the way we've developed highly efficient systems and processes that ensure we always deliver - when you need it and better than you expect it.


We’re incredibly proud of our client partnerships with corporations, associations, nonprofits and government agencies of all sizes and missions.



Our experienced and highly skilled editors are magicians with the latest editing tools that are engineered into a highly efficient network designed for speed and maximum creativity.

Field Production

No two situations are exactly alike, each with their own challenges and opportunities. We’ve recorded everything from live staged events, b-roll, panels, sit-down to man-on-the-street interviews. And we have fun using all the tools of the trade: green screen, drones, jibs, sliders, dollies, and steadicams.


Our voice-and-text translation skills enable you to streamline communication in the global marketplace. And yes, we do it all: overdubbing, subtitling and on-screen images for every language and dialect on the planet.

Producing & Directing

Our producers are masters of logistics – planning, organizing and getting things done. As directors, they capture action in real-time, stage role-playing and dramatic scenarios, and ensure quality direct-to-camera presentations from first timers, veterans or professional actors.

Media Management

Content is king unless it’s mismanaged. We have time-tested systems and processes to ensure your content is always organized, accessible and secure. Our philosophy: If it does not exist in two places, it does not exist.


2D: Our designers and editors harness the power of Adobe’s AfterEffects to add motion to text, icons and characters to bring your ideas and concepts to life.
3D: Our animators create lifelike animation sequences of real world objects and environments, concepts, and things you cannot see with the human eye.


Our team is fluent in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, databases, CMS, LMS, eLearning, and more. All of this is complemented by our own 2-Box interactive presentation platform - yet another innovative way we deliver video in an era of constant change and high expectations.

Scriptwriting & Interviewing

Our writers are masters at mixing the art of storytelling with compelling visuals. Their interviewing skills are seamless - creating moments where two people are simply communicating with ease.

Award-Winning Results

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