EFX Media’s Interactive Services department has been immersed in every aspect of what is perpetually called New Media since... well, since it actually was new.

We have a proven track record of successful online and offline Interactive design, R&D, and programming. We anticipate the trends and build toward meeting the next Interactive challenge... yours.

Online & Mobile Video

Our company’s core is, and always has been, video. That includes every form of video distribution. After all, if you can’t get it to your audience, what good is it?

We pride ourselves on staying current with the demands of constantly changing video distribution technologies. This area is not getting simpler – it’s getting more complex. We have always proven that we are up to the challenge.

We have the ability to you deliver your programming, to your audience, when and where they want it.

Web Design

The constantly changing concepts and technologies can be mind numbing, but we comprehend and actually enjoy the stuff:

  • Cross-Browser compatibility...
  • Semantic markup...
  • Unobtrusive JavaScript...
  • Graceful degradation...
  • Warpdrive counterbalance... ok, we made that one up.

Call us if your current site needs just a tweak or a complete overhaul. We will make your site look great, function well, be compatible with a variety of browsers and operating systems, and contain compelling interactive experiences.

Rich Media

Today’s modern challenge is to provide thoughtful, elegant, and meaningful ways for users to access all sorts of media types.

This is where "rich media" comes into play.

We boil down the clicks and double-clicks, swipes and taps into clean, easy user experiences that transcend devices. There are a lot of different technologies to get us there – HTML5, JavaScript, even the old stalwart Flash — but they are just a means to an end.

EFX Interactive designers know how to put the best possible experience smack dab between your content and your audience.


Sophisticated web users expect data-rich, client-configurable, dynamically-generated, user-engaging, performance-trackable websites.

That is why we put as much effort into what's going on behind the scenes as we do in designing and creating the face of your project.

Developing this type of site is like conducting an orchestra and getting all sections to play together – databases, servers, content – in a seamless concert between the back end and the front end of your site.

We’ve cracked the code on symphonic interactivity.

Presentation Support

Design is the differentiator in creating quality speaker support presentations. Our designers skillfully bring your presentation to life and enhance your message.

We are exceptionally well-versed in coming up with decidedly non-PowerPointy ways to get your message across, and if you need video embedded into your presentation – you’ve come to the right place.